Birch has beautiful grains and colors that can used for any furniture or cabinet projects. First air dried and then kiln dried for reduced drying defects.

1" Select (4/4) Random width 4" to 12" and 4' to 13' long. Kiln dried. Not planed.

$2.75 - $4.25 / board foot. 

2" Live edge planks These could be made into counter tops, or benches with a unique look. Cut with a bandsaw and could be sanded smooth. Random width.

$6.75 per inch of width.

2" Select (8/4) random width 4" to 12" with lengths from 4' to 13'. Kiln dried. Not planed.

$3.00 - $4.75 per board foot

Special Live edge - call for price or come have a look.

There is more to come. Check back.